Fill the gaps in information and community participation.

Ulity™ wants to

Initiate a new social movement in personal data ownership and collective value.

Ulity™ Token

The Ulity™ Platform is a digital community that welcomes and incentivizes all Internet users around the world to learn from each other and share their knowledge and services while creating collective wealth by maintaining ownership of their personal digital data assets.

The wealth from digital assets is currently monopolized large private web platforms. Ulity™ aims to initiate a new social movement in personal data ownership and collective value optimization to benefit the lives of the current online user base and the projected 4 billion more people in the next 5 years will gain high-speed access to the internet.

Ulity™ fills the gaps in information and community participation that many Web initiatives are struggling to bridge with a native language translation AI and an incentivized sharing ecosystem powered by the native currency, Ulity™ Token.

The Ulity™ Platform Ecosystem design uses smart contracts as a transparent payment and content registry tool and a patented engagement tokenization protocol. These blockchain 2.0 ledger technologies give the community automated protection and the path to becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization, a self governed digital sovereignty.

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