A not-for-profit Organization "Utopia City"


A place of 200 Square Kilometer with capacity of holding 100,000 homes, and about 300,000 residents in the city.


The Ulity Foundation will create a physical city, Ulitopia, to house its headquarters and its design for a utopian society. Ulitopia will be a model city for innovation and culture.


We believe that balance, harmony, and unity are the goals for humanity. It is the common interest of all to act with kindness, mercy and forgiveness. We believe in the personal responsibility to offer your services and productivity. We believe in taking care of the future generations and the elderly.


Ulitopia is self-governing with citizen-elected governing committees arranged in a “check and balance system.” Term of service for the committee leaders is two years and they can be re-elected to serve up to three terms.


Resident lot sizes are 1,000 square meters or 0.25 acres. City construction management will build all homes. Houses will be made from environmentally friendly materials.


Ulity gold members are citizens. Citizens will have their own secure ID which will connect them with all the services provided by the city.

City Planning

The overall zoning and functional layout will follow a Ba Gua inspired design. Ba Gua principles guide us where to place, for example, homes, shopping malls, Restaurants, city hall, hotels, conference centers, bus stations, cooperation buildings, and utility infrastructures. Individual building architectural styles will not be limited and are encourages to represent many international styles.

A whole new ERA and way to WORK and LIVE

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