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Today we want to share with you a little of the Ulity foundation and reason to be, starting with the logo creation.

Since this is the way we are presenting ourselves to the World, the logo was carefully crafted and developed to give our purpose a meaning and have it always present in everything we do.

The Ulity name logo is rich with meaning and intention. "Ulity" is your power to combine the utility of the internet with the power of unity with a community to personally grow and create wealth. If we build out platform together, everyone can benefit in harmony.

The "U" shape takes reference from the circular ancient coins with a square in the middle that circulated all over the world. The top is open to create a money bowl to attract resources. The corners in the middle attract the eye for it to stand out.

The color progression represents Five Element Theory. Each element is creating each other, as they do in natural harmony. It starts with Blue Water, which is the origin of life and wealth. The "U" blue is called Royal Blue which evokes sophistication, protection and nobility. It is the same color as the mineral Lapis Luzili, which represents awareness and expression of deep self knowledge. It is also the same color as the original hyperlinks in the early days in web design. The light blue represents vitality and service to others. Next is Green Wood, which represents hope, life, learning, and energy. Red Fire means expression, articulation, social networking, and passion. Yellow Earth is also called "Emperor Yellow" means grounding, authority, credibility, and wealth. The White Metal Background represents pure ambitions and information technology. In such creation order, the logo elements are in Balance, Harmony and unity.

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