The benefits of being a Ulity Member

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Knowledge Sharing:

Ulity provides a space to allow members to share knowledge of all kinds and in doing so, earn peace points. Peace points are also an incentive for learning and earned for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing. The vast knowledgebase our members share provides people across the world with the opportunity to be earn while learning. Our AI technology will be translating all that is shared, and members can access this wealth of information in their native language no matter what language it was originally written.


Ulity provides the ability to transfer peace points into Ulity Tokens (UT) - Ulity's native cryptocurrency. Part of the Ulity platform will be "UShop" where members exchange products and services using UT as the medium or direct member-to-member exchange (a product/service for another product/service). This model of earning points that can transfer to a cryptocurrency provides a solution for the need of products and services in poor populations by giving people the ability to exchange around the world without fiat currency.


UKnowl Inc., provides the technical support for Ulity, and is creating a trading platform (ABC Exchange) which will allow users to trade their UT into other cryptocurrencies. This gives each member the opportunity to earn value from the data they create. Unlike other platforms, where a user's data is used to benefit the company or shareholders, Ulity will be putting that value back into the Ulity Ecosystem for each members benefit.

KYC Compliance:

Members must be verified to have a UT trading and exchange account. KYC ensures the true identity of each member, and this helps build trust and protect the individual's credit in the community. Ulity is providing the ability for member to act in fairness and trust. KYC compliance gives each member the peace of mind in knowing with whom they are making exchanges.

Mine From The Mind:

The mind is endless with knowledge and valuable information; members have unlimited talents and experience which we encourage each person to explore and share. We know our members creativity is limitless, and Ulity provides a platform to earn while sharing- this gives provides the opportunity to earn with dignity and self-respect. While the mining of cryptocurrencies has been using vast amounts of resources, the Ulity Token can be "mined from your mind."

Open Mind for Opportunities of Growth:

Humans often make mistakes based on ideas of culture, religion, policies, self-interest, and limited information. From time-to-time people, organizations, corporations, and nations repeat wrong decisions that affect the lives of many. Ulity members form a community, a decentralized governance, that encourages members to promote balance, harmony, and unity together. When wrong decisions or policies are made, the community is open to adjusting them immediately.

A Spirit of Giving and Gifting:

Members can use their "Uwallet" to gift UT to another member in any country within seconds. We encourage members to make giving and sharing a normal activity. Ulity constructed charity communities of all kinds for members to start charity activities, including making purchases of UT for the purpose of donating to a Ulity Charity Pool.

Social Networking Made Easy:

Ulity is being designed to be an "Omni App", where members enjoy the convenience of an all-in-one app. Unlike other apps, where only the convenience of the platform is shared with its member, with the Ulity Platform each member earns from the data they create from their activity. Members can use “Utalk” to send instant messages, make voice or video calls, start a group meeting, or give a lecture or consultation. Our technology will soon support these actions and will continue to improve with innovating technology development.

Hall of Fame:

Members have the opportunity to post their own biography in "Ulipedia" where their life story will remain forever in the Hyperledger blockchain world. We encouraged members share their story and to leave their legacy for the generations to come. What is learned, what is done for the world, and recorded will encourage our children and grandchildren to follow, thus the spirit will live forever.

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