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Ulity's Mission:

Ulity's mission is to be a knowledge sharing platform and "Omni App", with all the functions people love to use, that also provides the opportunity for people world-wide to earn from their data creations and efforts in building the Ulity Community. We want to help people realize their value and see they have much to offer the world. We know the value of data and choose to reward the creators and contributor of data (you). The Ulity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, and we put all earnings back into Ulity's Ecosystem. Our goal is to be a true DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governed by Ulity members and functioning for Ulity members. We believe Ulity can be an equalizer, balancing the scales of the digital world and providing each member with the opportunity to take control and to become the master of their data creations and digital life.


Uknow is a record of knowledge of the past. All of Wikipedia can be accessed in Uknow. Through our patented AI technology, Wikipedia will be translated into over at lease 30 more languages. Anyone will be able search and get a response in their native language. Why access Wikipedia on Ulity? You will earn Ulity's native "peace points" by searching and reading articles; peace points can be traded for Ulity Tokens, Ulity's digital currency. Ulipedia is another section of Uknow where you can create and share your own biography (or a business or individual product biography). This information will be stored on the Hyperledger Blockchain for current and future generations. Ulipedia is a wiki that gives you the opportunity to have your story digitized and immortalized on the blockchain. In future Ulity App releases, people in your life will be able to validate the facts of your life's story giving it credibility.


Ushare is where you share knowledge and information of the present – real-time sharing. You can write original content or share links from outside sources. We like to encourage our members with our slogan "Mine Your Mind"; realize all that you have to offer the world. You have so much knowledge that can be shared to make a difference! This knowledge could be stories, advice, tips, recipes, art, jokes, your talents, and skills… Ulity members are building a database through Ushare, and providing the opportunity for people to educate themselves. On Ushare you are rewarded for your contributions and for time spent learning. You are also able to share your Ulity posts to other platforms.


Utalk is currently in progress. The Utalk function of the Ulity App will provide members with the ability to send SMS, short videos (like Tik Tok), and will provide video conferencing capabilities (like Zoom). In line with our mission to give people the opportunity for relief from poverty, actions in Utalk will also be earning members peace points.


Ushop, currently in progress, is Ulity's exclusive shop. At Ulity, we will be curating and selecting merchants and professional services for our members. Much a like a club, you will receive discounts on these selected items and services just for being a member of Ulity. We plan on working with external markets to offer discounts at places you visit, as well. The Ulity Token (UT) will be the form of currency used throughout Ushop, and you will earn peace points (that can be traded for UT) while you browse!


Uwallet records your productivity on the Ulity App. The content you create - all that you read, share, like and comment on, plus your activity on Ushop and Utalk will earn you peace points. Every person that reads, comments, likes, or shares your content also earns you (and themselves) points. Ulity encourages people to become peacemakers. Through the sharing of your knowledge and experiences you can create peace. This is why we have chosen to call our native point system "peace points". You also earn peace points by sponsoring new members to join Ulity with your QR code or invitation code. Points can be exchanged for Ulity Tokens (UT) and UT can be used internally on Ushop, be donated to other members, used to as a tip for great content, and UT will eventually be able to be transferred externally on ABC Exchange (a work-in-progress crypto currency exchange platform). This will allow members to transfer UT into an external wallet to hold, trade into another crypto or, if you choose, to trade into fiat currency. This is how Ulity provides the opportunity for you to realize the value in yourself, in your knowledge and reward you for sharing and giving others the opportunity to learn and earn for themselves.

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