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Ulity™ Vision

Creating a better world through fairness and value.

Ulity™ Token

We establish a community of "Internet users data wealth revolution" where "data wealth property rights belong to data wealth producers".

The technology patent invented by the founder of Daoyou, John Chen, solves the data measurement method and data quality classification method.

It's for everyone with access to a smartphone to be able to learn and share knowledge to achieve their goals while being rewarded for doing so through our point system and Ulity™ Token.

Make friends, share knowledge, earn from your data

Dismantle the corporate monopolization of Internet users’ data

Share knowledge as with social means, build a circle of friends with purpose, and realize and be rewarded for the value of your data as the result.

Make friends, share knowledge and earn.

Ulity™ App
Earn through engagement
By creating, sharing, liking, commenting, moderating, messaging and even reading, you create valuable data for the community which is measured by points. Points can be traded for Ulity™ Token and can be traded for Bitcoin or other acceptable cryptocurrencies.
Host or join a Community
To share your interests and connect with your community.
Instantly with text messaging and audio/video calls.
Your knowledge to build and edit the next phase of Wikipedia.

The breakthrough of the personal data revolution.

Everyone contributes knowledge, everyone shares knowledge.

Every contribution creates data, and your data is yours to earn from. Earn points and to Ulity™ Tokens through Uwallet. Spend your Ulity™ Tokens for products and services in the app or transfer outside the app to trade for other cryptocurrencies.

The Ulity™ Token Incentive Ecosystem is designed to benefit every type of platform participant. Hyperledger blockchain smart contracts protect your private information while creating an incorruptible value accounting system. This system will lead to a decentralized autonomous structure governed by community consensus.

The value of the Ulity™ Token is based on the number of members and the Ulity™ Financial Reserve, which is made up of transaction fees, sponsor donations, and membership fees.

Ulity™ is a not-for-profit foundation. UKnowl, a social benefit corporation that will be providing the technical development in exchange for Ulity™ Token. Because of our relationship, most of the revenue from Ulity™ goes directly back to the members instead of R&D budgets.

Ulity™ Revenue Process

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